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A novel NFT and digital rights management platform.
We are working on a digital rights management platform called GleamShard, which is based on blockchain technology. However, unlike other NFT platforms, we want to become a one-stop shop by focusing on usability, community building, patronage, and trustworthiness - and by also developing an AI-based fingerprinting solution that would provide a novel and secure approach to copyright. We also want to create ways to bring digital art into everyday life: By creating physical products (such as a digital picture frame and digital jewelry) capable of displaying animations, etc. In the long term, we want to provide a digital rights management solution for all types of digital assets capable of metaverse integration. We also want to tap into the potential of the crypto world to democratize media production and make creators independent of gatekeepers, both official (as would be the case in dictatorships) and unofficial - but also keep the crypto side of things in the background so that our customers don't have to be total nerds to use our platform. Our MVP is almost ready, so we want to start approaching investors. Our platform launch is planned for fall/winter 2024.

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